Ficha y entrevista para Nello Russo (

Magazine name: La Más Bella Web site: General e-mail: Adress, Zip code, City, Country: c/ San Millán 3, 6º Dcha, 28011 Madrid, Spain. Format (mm): it changes every new issue Language(s): mainly spanish Copies (circulation): 1.000 copies every new issue, but sometimes we make special limited editions. Issues / year: One main issue/year, but we can make special issues in between without a regular basis. Cover price: it changes every new issue. Last issues: 30 euro (2005), 35 euro (2006), 50 euro (2007) Founded in: 1993 Publisher: La Más Bella Cultural Association (Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego) Creative director(s): Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego Editor(s) in chief: Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego Other informations about the staff: as… Leer Más →