Entrevista para la periodista italiana Alba Solaro, no recordamos para qué medio.
Fecha: Primavera de 2003.

– How did you develope the idea of the La Más Bella magazine?

La Mas Bella Magazine was born ten o eleven years ago, in Madrid. We were three people, three friends: Pepe Murciego, Juanjo El Rápido and Diego Ortiz (Juanjo El Rápido left the project some years later). Our mission was just to create a magazine to publish our own works in some fields like art, photography, cartoon etc. For young and unknown people like us in these moments it was very difficult to see our works published by the traditional magazines and newspapers, and we thought we could manage our own magazine, and publish our works and all our friend´s works in arts, photography, poetry, drawing… Just in these moments the Desktop Publishing was borning, and it offered a new concept, the possibility to buy a small computer (a Macintosh) and create a non professional magazine (a fanzine) by yourself. And that is we did. Later, we realized that we like not only a taditional magazine, we really like to create new formats, objets, not only pages, hand-made magazines, and La Mas Bella now is a very open project, difficult to describe even for us, because we have no rules when we create a new issue. We use just a word: experimental.

– How do you consider that there are more and more magazine made just of images?

I don´t know, I don´t care, really. Professionaly I have been working as a writer and photographer in some spanish magazines since 1991, so my profession is about images, that´s my world. Is it bad? I don´t thing so, there are very bad magazines, and there are others very good, with very good pictures and very good design, and (most important) with things to say, not only show images. If you have something to say, say it whatever you can, images or words.

– Do we live in times where everything, even magazines, is consumed in a quicker way?

Of course yes. I say the same as before. It is not neccesary bad. Is it bad be quick? I have no answer, I´m not sure if I care be explicit on that. I supose the answer can be found in the magazine I make, but it is no explicit, they are only messages to everyone who want to read them.

– Is time the most precious thing today?

Dear Alba, I notice you are very worried about very deep questions!!!! My god, what can I say now??? Let see. In the magazine I make you will not find deep answers, you will find just the “opinions”, the point of view of many artists, in an artistic way, I mean, no so explicit as you would desire. That´s the only thing we can do, express ourselves, with very open mind and irony. After that, everyone have to decide the most precious thing to themselves. Yes, the time is precious for me, but I´m alone at home on sunday evening writing these lines, not in the cinema or watching TV o chating by Internet. I´m just loosing my time in the way I decide. That´s time for me.

– Can you tell me more about the exhibition in Barcellona in May?

As probably you know, all this year is celebrating The Barcelona’s Design Year or something like that. There are hundreds of exhibitions, conferences, and all kind of things in Barcelona about design. There is an exhibition about art magazines in may, in a very cool and small art center called La Capella in downtown Barcelona, and we have been invited to participate with our magazine and our project BELLAMATIC (a vending machine that sells automaticly art magazines and small pieces of art). At the moment I don’t know the date exactly, I have the information in my office, but don’t worry I will send all the information tomorrow.

Thank you for everything, hope top hear soon from you!

My god!! I hope you can understand something I wrote!!! and it can be usefull for you.