Entrevista magazine Bruce de Alemania.
Abril de 2009.

I am interested in the work of La Más Bella for some time now. What were you doing on Colophon?

The people of the Colophon Festival invited La Más Bella to make and exhibition of our editions and projects, being one of the 10 Guest Magazines of Colophon 2009. Of course it was a pleasure for us, mainly because we didn’t know the curators personally, they knew about us and they invited La Mas Bella just because they like our project. It was a big surprise when we receive their invitation, and also a big honour. So we prepared an exhibition of almost every edition of La Más Bella we have published from 1993, and some videos and other projects as our automatic vending machine BolaBellamátic. We went to Luxembourg to show our project but also to meet people making similar (or not) things like us.

Do you consider yourself as a magazine maker?

Well, we make a magazine, it is a fact. It is true our magazine is quite different to the common idea of what a magazine is, but we do not really care of it. We like to experiment with the idea, format and the whole concept of magazine, so we make a magazine, so we are magazine makers. There are people that think La Más Bella is not really a magazine, they say it is a kind of experimental-art-edition but not a real magazine. We do agree with them also, because we don’t really care about how we define our project. We make it, that’s all.

Are there any boundaries for you in considering ‘a thing’ as a magazine? Does it for instance need paper? Does it need an audience?

We like the idea of magazine because conceptually it has no limits, there are no boundaries for us when we think in a new edition of La Más Bella. Of course it can be a magazine without paper. It can be a magazine without any material stuff actually, we know a couple of very conceptual projects in Argentina and Spain that make magazines without paper and without any material stuff. Maybe they are very conceptual and radical projects, but they exist, they are amazing projects. Everything can be a part of a magazine, this is one of the ideas that we like and we try to experiment in La Más Bella.
And the audience. Personally we think yes, you have to fight for an audience. But not necesary for a large audience. This is one of the most difficult things for a magazine maker, try to know how many people could be interested in your product, and try to contact them. Your audience can be 25 people, why not?

As the whole world is going online for it’s communications, what is in your opinion the future for traditional magazine makers?

I promise we have no idea of how the future will be. But if the traditional magazines have to dissapear, what is the problem? There are many other things to do. If the people prefer to communicate online, work online! It can be also very funny. We are not experts in guessing the future but probably in the future there will be online magazines and also paper magazines, all together. What I don’t know (nobody knows) is how the online and paper magazines will be.

You can virutal take a jogging tour in Tokyo, at your home in a connection between goolge maps and Wii. With that knowledge do we – in fututre – need to visit  musea or galleries?

Wow!!, such a question!! Things are changing, of course. But last year the Prado Museum, one of the most important museums in my town, received almost 30% more visitors than the previous year. And be sure many people will still be travelling to Tokio despite Google Maps and the Wii. Probably the museums and the galleries will have to offer different things, and also the cities and cinemas and the whole art. But you know, I believe in the capability of the human being to invent new things. What things? I don’t know, they are not already invented!

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